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Online Girls Softball Training

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  1. Costs for youth travel softball is on an upward spiral and when you add in all of the costs associated with competitive softball you wonder how parents are affording the costs. 
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Girls softball fitness and skills program

  • Softball is a highly anaerobic sports, and it requires minimal aerobic and muscular endurance. This excludes pitchers and catchers, but even they have long breaks between action. 
  • The average time between pitches in softball is over 18 seconds. What softball players do need is speed and power, and their training should reflect that.


  • Before beginning a training session or competition it is important for softball players to prepare their bodies for the strenuous loads about to be placed upon them.
  • We will include and present shoulder stretches and a warm-up routine to help prevent injuries. Your downloadable softball warm-up program with workouts


  • The implementation of weightlifting into a softball player’s training program will provide improvements in physical fitness, athleticism and lower injury risks. 
  • Strength training is one of the foundations for building better softball athletes. It serves as a strong base for any effective training program. 
  • All the speed, agility, and softball drills in the world will do little to enhance your game if you do not have the necessary strength to perform them correctly. 
4 downloadable strength training programs
  1. The complete guide for your softball strength training program
  2. Dumbbell exercises for the upper and lower body
  3. Your softball home or gym exercises and skills workout plan
  4. Build your home gym for softball players


We can teach you to run faster?  

  • Developing effective game-speed requires an understanding of the sport in which an athlete needs to apply speed. Download the speed training programs to help softball players run faster. 
  • The essentials of softball movement training for position players entail specific speed, power, and agility (acceleration, deceleration, and redirection) components. 

3 downloadable speed, agility, and quickness training materials

  1. 4-key drills for increasing speed in softball athletes
  2. Speed training program for softball athletes
  3. Softball speed training drills and exercises


  • Softball can break down into four key elements: hitting, defense, pitching and base-running.
  • You don’t need to be the fastest runner on your roster, however, in order to become a beast on the base-paths.
  • You need to understand and implement the four basic rules of base-running to your game.

6 downloadable softball skills training materials

  1. Hitting drills and skills you can do at home
  2. Fielding and throwing drills you can do at home
  3. Pitching drills and skills you can do at home
  4. Base-running drills and skills you can do at home
  5. Catchers drills and skills you can do at home
  6. Slap hitting drills and skills you can do at home


  • The (NFCA) has developed a series of testing measurables to help coaches evaluate athletic ability on the softball field. 
  • While the NFCA’s softball measurables do not replace in-person skill evaluation, they can lead to recruiting opportunities for athletes across the country regardless of access to top-level travel teams, geographic locations, resources and other factors.
  • ODM which includes throwing velocity, bat speed, and batted-ball suggests a positive relationship between grip strength and throwing velocity, bat sources. 

2 testing programs for female softball players

  1. How to test your softball measurable?
  2. ODM girls softball training and testing program


  • Functional lower body training has the potential to improve throwing velocity and reduce the risk of arm stress for softball pitchers
  • You will have the training materials to improve your pitching velocity. 

6 of the best online softball pitching training materials are for young pitchers.

  1. Softball pitchers long toss drills
  2. Softball velocity and speed program for softball pitchers
  3. How to make in-game adjustments for softball pitchers
  4. Softball pitching drills and skills for young athletes
  5. How to increase your speed for softball pitchers 
  6. Balance beam softball pitching drills and skills


  • Rotational power has been shown to have a positive relationship with throwing velocity, bat speed, and batted-ball velocity. Download the best rotational core exercises for young softball athletes.
  • Rotational power—plays a special role in softball performance, especially because throwing and hitting skills utilize a transverse plane of motion.                         
  • Increase your bat speed and throwing velocity with these softball training exercises. Core exercise program for softball players. Softball rotational exercises to increase your hitting and throwing power.


  • Know what softball players should consume for workouts, pre-game, during, and post-practice/game nutrition. 
  • Since you could easily find yourself playing up to three or four games in a day, your nutrition needs to be as unique as your schedule. 
  • We give you the following tips to keep energy and focus at maximum levels.
  • Nutrition can play an essential role in the health of elite female softball athletes as well as exercise performance. Young athletes need adequate energy intake to ensure proper growth, development, and maturation. In addition, the requirements may further increase with intense exercise training.
  • Do you find yourself struggling to get through the long weekend of games at your most recent softball tournament? Many athletes are injured and worn down during a tournament because of poor nutrition. 

2 of the best sports nutrition plans for softball players

  1. The best supplement for softball players
  2. Pre-game softball nutrition and hydration plan


  • Preventing shoulder injuries is of prime importance to softball players while training. 
  • We will present three specific exercises to implement into a training program as well as include the exercises most softball players should avoid.
  • Injuries in softball pitchers typically occur in the upper extremities, but focusing rehabilitation and prevention efforts on the upper body alone ignores the essential supporting roles played by the pelvis and lower extremities in providing a stable base for the pitching motion.
  • The forces experienced in the shoulder during overhead throwing may contribute to acute muscular strains. Softball players risk injury to their shoulders when training or competing.

4 of the best programs on how to prevent common softball injuries

  1. Tips for treating the most common softball injuries
  2. Sports injury and treatment information
  3. Understanding overuse injuries and how to prevent them
  4. Should you ice or heat your sports injuries


  • Softball is a game of failure, so understanding how to deal with the game’s hardship is a necessity. One of the best ways to handle adversity is to accept that it’s going to happen.
  • Young softball players need to develop the mental toughness it takes to play this game at a high level and we have the game plan to help you. Softball athletes will learn what the keys to success is on the softball field
  • To compete at the top level, softball players need to be strong both mentally and physically. A positive, constructive mindset on the field can complement any physical skill set. 

3 downloadable mental training programs for softball players.

  1. Developing mental toughness for softball players
  2. Helping young athletes deal with adversity in softball
  3. Jennie Finches keys to on the field success


  • College softball recruiting is very competitive. There are over 370,000 high school softball players and only 31,000 college players. 
  • Just over 8% of high school players go on to play college softball.

Download your college softball recruiting information

  1. What you should know about the college softball recruiting process


The USA Softball youth program, also known as the Junior Olympic program, is among the nation’s largest youth sports organization.It is the single fastest growing program in USA Softball, and has had membership growth every year since its inception in 1974.