rpsportstraining offers you the best:

Youth sports coach Rance Palmer (on left) has over 15+ year of experience. He has worked with some of the best young athletes in all sports. Most of his young athletes have gone on to play college sports.

We offer you one on one 1/2hr-hour personal training for boys and girls. Home, gym, or outdoor training programs available for young athletes. 

We offer you online youth sports training products and services that will save you time and money. You can download these sports programs to your computer. They are on pdf. 

At rpsportstraining

  1. We continue to grow our business model and online training programs
  2. We have over one thousand online members & growing
  3. Yearly memberships for boys & girls to join
  4. Downloadable training products are offered

In 2020 we have added these online programs:

  • Youth sports programs
  • Youth sports counseling
  • Online nutrition & hydration programs
  • Youth sports injury and treatment programs

In 2021 we added these online programs

  • College recruiting information and tips
  • Financial aid assistance for college bound athletes
  • Online youth sports counseling service

In 2022 we added online 1hr counseling services

  • Youth sports counseling
  • Financial aid counseling
  • College recruiting counseling

5 reasons to subscribe to our online training services

  1. Yearly memberships are available
  2. 1hr consultations are available
  3. Downloadable youth sports training products
  4. Online certified youth sports coach
  5. Affordable for parents, coaches, & athletes


  1. Programs designed for competitive young athletes ages 10yrs and up.
  2. Offering you the best online training products and services
  3. Online sports training products for boys & girls
  4. Downloadable youth sports programs
  5. Workout programs designed for your home or gym
  6. Skills & drills programs for the home, the court or the field

We offer you 8 competitive youth sports training programs

  1. girls softball
  2. boys & girls soccer
  3. baseball
  4. youth football
  5. girls volleyball
  6. boys & girls basketball
  7. boys & girls junior golf
  8. boys & girls junior tennis

We want parents to lower their costs for youth sports training

  • Youth sports costs are high and increasing each year.
  • Young athletes need to take some responsibility to lower the costs for their parents
  • Learn how to develop your game under the guidance with our training services
  • We give parents to make other choices than expensive trainers and coaches
  • Coaches can charge from $50-$100 per hour.
  • Multiply that 4-5 times a month

Join our team at rpsportstraining and use our online training products for a lot less than trainers and coaches. Many young athletes and coaches across youth sports are using our products and services. We have over a thousand young clients and growing Our #1 goal is to help young athletes achieve their goals and dreams.