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Four reason why parents, coaches, and athletes buy these tennis programs

  1. Our youth online junior tennis training program is designed to help boys and girls ages 12yrs-18yrs improve their fitness and skills. You can purchase the complete package of junior tennis fitness and skills training programs. 
  2. If your son or daughter has a strong desire to succeed on the tennis court then these are the tennis training programs you need for your game. Prepare yourself for the best tennis season of your life with these series of progressive sports fitness and skills workouts. 
  3. Download your junior tennis training programs pdf files that are designed to have you in the best shape for the competitive tennis season. You can purchase the best online junior training programs for competitive boys and girls.
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  • The game of tennis demands a multifaceted level of athleticism – speed, endurance, flexibility, coordination and strength, in order to excel and prevent injuries. Download your 3 starter programs
  1. Download your weekly tennis training schedule
  2. Download your junior tennis athletes home gym & workout equipment
  3. Home workout equipment for young tennis athletes


  • Allocate 10-15 minutes to complete your tennis warm-up and then allow that same period of time for a breather before you step on the court. 3-5 minutes of either skipping or running (forward, backward, and lateral) is the perfect way to start your tennis warm-up.
  • Stretching is recommended before playing any sports, including tennis. If you play tennis without properly stretching beforehand, you may run the risk of common tennis injuries. 
  • Tennis players often experience pain in the elbows, forearms, wrists, and shoulders, so upper body stretches are especially recommended

Download your 2 warm-up program for junior tennis athletes

  1. Stretching program for junior tennis athletes
  2. Here are some keys to your tennis warm-up routine


  • Tennis requires the strength to hit or run to the ball numerous times during the course of a point, game, set or match. 
  • Muscular endurance will help your body quickly recover from prolonged points and be ready to perform again with minimal "rest."

Download your 6 strength training programs

  1. Upper body strength workout program for tennis athletes #1
  2. Upper body workout for junior tennis athletes #2
  3. Strength training program for tennis athletes
  4. Lower body strength workouts for tennis athletes
  5. The best kettle bell workouts for tennis athletes
  6. Abdominal & lower back exercises for junior tennis athletes


  • Agility represents the ability of the player to change direction quickly while maintaining good balance and body control without losing time in the transition. 
  • Agility is a key characteristic for success in tennis where you speed up, slow down and constantly change direction – all the while maintaining balance and control in some high pressure situations.

Download your 2 agility drills & workout programs

  1. Around the cone agility drills & skills for junior tennis players
  2. 3-outdoor speed agility and quickness workouts for tennis athletes


  • The ability to start and stop quickly provides a player with more time to get into position, set up to hit the ball, and recover for the next shot. Speed is also important, since being fast allows a player to get to more balls and set up the next shot with more time to prepare.
  • Speed is perhaps the most vital determinant of your performance during a tennis match. If you can get to the ball early and are in a good position to hit it, you've increased your chances to hit the ball well, and possibly win the point

Download your 3 speed training programs

  1. Analyzing the speed requirements of junior tennis players
  2. 4 key drills for increasing speed for tennis athletes
  3. Speed training program for tennis athletes


  • In tennis, strength is used to generate speed, power and endurance. It is impossible to have agility, speed, power, a developed anaerobic system, and flexibility/mobility without optimal strength levels. Strength training is also critical to prevent injury.

Download your 2 power training programs

  1. Access some of the best ways junior tennis athletes can develop power
  2. The 7 best plyometric exercises for tennis athletes


  • Perfecting the serve can be the key to winning the match. A proper grip, toss, and hit will make it very difficult for the opponent to return the shot. No other strokes will matter if your opponent can't hit an effective return.
  • It requires tremendous skills in hand-eye coordination, agility, endurance, and power. Tennis has many skills that you need to master, such as serving, strokes, volley, and spin. Mentally, tennis is extremely tough as well. 

Download your 8 tennis skills and drills programs that you can do at home 

  1. Developing a good tennis serve
  2. Make a good ball toss for serving in tennis
  3. How to get a grip on your forehand in tennis?
  4. The forehand in tennis is a must to master
  5. How to string your tennis racquet for the best results?
  6. Improve your backhand tennis skills
  7. The overhead smash for junior tennis players
  8. Why the volley in tennis is important?


  • Testing your athletes gives you a measurable way of not only assessing the athlete but also assessing the success of your program. The results of these tests can be powerful tools in developing the ideal training program. 
  • Tennis is such a complex sport it requires so many different physical attributes. You require good cardiovascular fitness as well as, strength, power, stamina and flexibility.
  • Download your junior tennis fitness testing and evaluation form


  • Tennis players are particularly vulnerable to shoulder injuries, like tears and sprains. Injuries to the rotator cuff can occur from overuse, or directly through injury. 
  • Rotator cuff tears are painful, and can cause weakness or tenderness in the affected area, as well as difficulty lifting the arm
  • Overuse is also common in tennis players from all levels. Muscle, cartilage, nerves, bursa, ligaments and tendons may be damaged from overuse. 
  • The repetitive use of a particular muscle without time for repair and recover in the most common case among the injury.

Download your 4 workout plans to prevent common tennis injuries

  1. Tips for treating the common junior tennis Injuries
  2. 5 Tips on ankle injury care and prevention for junior tennis athletes
  3. Balance board and stability training for junior tennis players
  4. Should you ice or heat a tennis sports injuries?


  • Hydration and nutrition is very important for the junior tennis athlete. Good nutritional habits can bring about significant increases in performance. 
  • Part of nutrition is hydration, the maintenance of fluids in the body. The junior tennis player has specific, nutritional needs unlike those of the general population.
  • As training for tennis can be intense, nutrition plans for players have to be periodized. A diet that is high in nutrient-rich carbohydrate foods will help to maintain energy levels and promote muscle healing during high-intensity energy-sapping sessions.

Download your 5 junior tennis hydration and nutrition plans

  1. Healthy snacks pre and post workouts for junior tennis athletes
  2. Game day nutrition plan for junior tennis players
  3. Chocolate milk is the best recovery drink for tennis players
  4. Some of the top foods for young tennis athletes to consume
  5. Some of The best post workout nutrition for tennis players


  • Tennis is a combination of playing time and "dead" time. The playing time is very demanding on the player's mental abilities since the ball travels fast and the player needs to decide quickly for his next action. A player has to make around 1000 decisions in a typical match.
  • Tennis is obviously one of the most physically demanding sports in the world today, but also for one of the most mentally challenging sports. When playing tennis as a professional, many players struggle with the sabotage and the nerves the week before a big tournament.

Download your 3 mental training programs for tennis matches

  1. How to regain your confidence as junior tennis athlete?
  2. Learn how to develop mental toughness of a championship tennis players
  3. The 5 best tips to get you ready before your tennis match


  • There are more than 900 colleges offering women’s tennis programs that attract talent from all over the US and internationally. 
  • With so many programs to choose from, finding the right academic, athletic, social and financial fit can be daunting if a student-athlete doesn’t know how to properly research their options
  • Download how boys and girls can get recruited as junior tennis player


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