rpsportstraining Membership

$96.00 for 1 year

You will have access to the best online training products for young athletes


Your membership includes:

  1. Members can download our training products 24hrs/7days a week
  2. Boys and girls will have their own weekly training schedule
  3. Members get monthly emails on new training products to download
  4. User friendly web site for teenagers, parents, and coaches
  5. Use your mobile device to download products anywhere/anytime

What can members download?

  • Download any of the youth sports training products on our web site
  • Download our NEW updated training materials each month at no extra charge
  • Download as many of our products as you want, whenever you want
Do It Yourself-sports training programs for boys and girls
  • Parents and young athletes can save money & time 
  • Youth sports fitness training programs for home or gym 
  • Many skills training programs designed to improve your game 
  • Download hundreds of easy to read online training materials
  • No expensive coaches or trainers needed

Here is the list of downloadable youth sports training programs for members:

  1. Girls softball
  2. Baseball 
  3. Basketball
  4. Junior golf
  5. Junior tennis
  6. Soccer training 
  7. Football 
  8. Girls volleyball 

Your membership includes sports nutrition and hydration programs

  • Many sports nutrition and hydration plans for young athletes
  • Game day meal plans to create for young athletes
  • Before and after foods to eat after workouts & practices
  • The best snacks for young athletes to consume & more

Your membership includes sports injury and treatment programs

  • How to care for your body after hard workouts and practices
  • Eliminate overtraining and train smarter for results
  • What you must do to prevent overuse sports injuries?
  • Learn the common injuries associated with your sport & more

Your membership included college recruiting information and tips

  • Online college recruiting materials to help you with the process
  • Know the facts before pay for expensive college camps & showcases
  • Use your online personal profile to attract coaches
  • How to negotiate your college scholarship?
  • What role do parents play in the college recruiting process?

Your membership included financial aid information for college bound athletes

  • Scholarship or no scholarship college is expensive
  • Find the money to pay for expensive college costs 
  • Learn how to qualify for financial aid programs
  • Know the deadlines for applying for financial aid 
  • Who needs and athletic scholarship when I can have… 

Your yearly membership also includes these discounted services:

Youth Sports Counselor

Coach and counselor Rance Palmer is here to help you through the maze of competitive youth sports. You will have an experienced youth sports coach to assist you with the decisions you have to make and the expenses to expect.

College Recruiting Counselor

If you are a college bound athlete who wants to get started or trying to find a college to play for we can help you through the recruiting maze. The recruiting process can be a pain in the rear and very expensive for the college bound athlete. Our goal is to offer you the most effective what to get recruited by colleges and eliminate unwanted expenses.

Financial Aid Counselor

If you are a college bound athlete, we can offer you an experienced financial aid counselor who can help you find money for college expenses. Our goal is to help you limit your college costs by learning where the money is and how to apply for college funding. 

Certified youth sports conditioning coach

If you need help with designing a strength and conditioning program for young athletes ages 10yrs and upward. We offer you a youth sports coach that has over 15yrs of experience working with boys and girls. Get the training programs that work and save you money.

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