Youth football

Certified sports trainer Rance Palmer supports youth football athletes

Youth football training for young athletes ages 10yrs and up

Youth football is a very popular sport, so it’s often assumed that most know the fundamentals of the game. With approximately 325,000 youth participants ranging from ages 5 to 16 years old, Pop Warner is the largest youth football, cheer and dance program in the world.

What are the 11 positions on a football team? What is the job of a linebacker? What is a quarterback’s job exactly? What kind of shape are you in?

Know your Offensive Players

You need the speed and skills to play on offense

There are 11 players on offense at a time. Through a series of plays that involve passing and running the ball, they want to work their way down the field until they get into the end zone. Skill position players need speed, agility, & quickness.

Know your Defensive Players

Learn the fundamentals of defense

Like the offense, there are 11 defensive players on the field. Their job is to prevent the offense from scoring by tackling players or causing turnovers. Skill position players need speed, agility, and quickness.

Know your Special team players

Learn how to take it to the house

Specialty players take the field during field goals, punts and kick-offs. Skill positions players need speed, agility, and quickness.

Get fueled up for your football practice & games

Get the right diet plan for recovery and growth

Football players and coaches alike should make hydration a priority. Dehydrated players can experience muscle cramping, headaches, fatigue and overall decreased performance on the field.

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