Sports Program

Before you join a youth sports program, you may ask yourself when should my child start formal athletic training, and what exactly should they do?

One of my goals is to give young athletes a safe and fun place to improve their sports skills.

The benefits of having Rance Palmer as your strength & conditioning coach

As a NSCA strength coach we are making a positive difference in the health and athletic performance of young people. We are rising above and redefining the profession, NSCA-certified personal trainers set new expectations for one-on-one strength and conditioning training.

Youth sports should always be fun

Above all, emphasize to the kids that their athletic activities should be fun. If they can get some good instructional help and learn a few training techniques, avoid injury, and enjoy what they do, that’s helpful. As a parent, you have a tremendous opportunity to have a permanent lasting effect on your kids’ health.

Look at physical activity, sports, and nutrition the way you look at other activities that your kids participate in. You could just let them go out and do it, or you could intervene a little and guide them toward some healthy things.

For the 11 to 18-year-old age group, they will get their technical skills on the field or on the diamond, but where you can help is to get them prepared before the seasons start.

What are the benefits of joining?

Here is a list of the many benefits you will receive from joining rpsportstraining.  Our training program is for young athletes that play most court or field sports. Whatever sport you play you will improve your athletic skills. Read the information below to better understand our sports training program.

Designing SAQ programs to improve young athletes on the field or court

SAQ training programs for you

Speed training offers you a program that emphasizes technique, starts, acceleration, speed endurance, and relaxation. Acceleration is the most important component of speed development and attainment.

Agility training is designed to have you maintain good body control. You will improve your ability to decelerate, accelerate, and change direction quickly with our skills and drills. You will be able to develop quickness in different directions with sports specific skills and drills.

Quickness training is designed to improve your footwork, balance, and reaction time. You will work on quickness, short bursts of movements, and rapid movements in all directions. The ability to start and stop rapidly, and react fast are all examples of quickness.

Build your young body on a strong foundation with proven training methods

Strength and power training workout plans

Strength training is designed to build the foundation for a better athlete. Athletes with strength will be able to perform better on the field and keep injuries at bay. Strength as needed for speed, agility, quickness, endurance, and power. Learn how to train correctly for your sport.

Workout programs include flexibility training and methods

Flexibility training plans

Flexibility training is designed to decrease joint injuries and promote greater flexibility. Results are improved athletic performance where a lack of flexibility can hinder performance. Athletes that are not flexible have a greater risk for sports injuries from tight muscles and joints.

Helping young athletes make good decisions about nutrition

Hydration and Nutrition programs

Hydration training program is designed to teach young athletes the value and benefits from proper hydration. Young athletes will learn to drink on schedule not by thirst. Proper hydration will increase your athletic performance and endurance.

Nutrition training program is designed to teach young athletes the value and benefits from proper nutrition. Proper nutrition can make the young athlete make gains in size, strength, endurance, and conditioning.

Sports training drills and skills that help athletes improve their game

Game Skills & development programs

Game skills training for your specific sport. We work with young athletes on the fundamental skills required for your sport. We want you to be able to transfer your new athletic skills to the field or court. Combine your athletic skills with your sports skills and watch your game develop.