My girls softball training program helps young athletes to maximize velocity and stride length

You can join rpsportstraining girls softball training program

rpsportstraining youth softball sports program is designed for serious young athletes who wish to maximize their athletic skills on the field. Softball specific workout plans are designed to increase speed, agility, & quickness on the field.

The player with the greater speed improves her base-stealing potential and run scoring opportunities. They can run down balls on defense and limit run opportunities for your opponent.

1hr softball workouts include proven drills and skills that will improve your game. We offer safe and progressive workouts that are challenging and fun for young softball athletes.

You will also spend quality time during your 1hr workout on your softball skills. My goal is to improve every young softball athlete’s performance that comes through our program and teach them how to train correctly.

There are several benefits of you being a part of rpsportstraining softball conditioning program. Most are that you will be a faster, stronger, and a better all-around player. All of our softball players will have their own personalized softball & fitness program designed to improve their overall game.

rpsportstraining understands that softball is a highly anaerobic sports, and it requires minimal aerobic and muscular endurance. We believe that for the most part this excludes pitchers and catchers, but even they have long breaks between action. 

Note: The average time between pitches in softball is over 18 seconds. What softball players do need is speed and power, and their training program should reflect that.

Strength training program designed for female softball athletes

Your softball strength training program will build you on a strong foundation. We are in the business of building better softball athletes. It serves as a strong base for any effective training program. Our goal is to enhance your game but you will need the necessary strength to perform them correctly and effectively.

For young softball athletes ages 10-12yrs of age, we want to build strength primary in our core area to help increase our speed and power, not bulk up or build mass. For athletes ages 14-18yrs we know that softball requires you to use all of the major muscles groups in your body to become a more productive player.

Teaching young softball athletes training methods that work!

Develop the quickness, speed, reaction & agility to play the game fast

rpsportstraining girls softball program blends strength, speed, agility, and plyometric components for highly explosive exercises that makes complete ballplayers. We set specific goals for you and take a systematic approach to achieve them. It is the player who works smart, not just hard, who succeeds in this game.

Quick feet and footwork is important for softball athletes

There are four primary methods to employ when developing speed. Strength training, sprint training, sprint assisted methods and plyometric exercises. Agility is the body’s ability to change directions while maintaining speed and all softball players need agility. We offer you the best speed, agility, and softball drills in the world.


Getting out of the batter’s box can be tricky! You have to control the momentum of your swing and shift from your hitting mechanics platform. To be a fast and effective softball base runner, you have to be balanced while transitioning from being a hitter to being a runner.

We have the POWER HITTING program designed to improve your game

The average bat speed for a 13-year-old is approximately 55-60 mph, while the average bat speed for 15-year-olds is 60-70 mph. Once you make the jump to college and the pros the minimum average speed is around 65-70 with an upper bat speed limit in the mid-80s for most players, with a few venturing into the low 90s.

Helping young hitters develop more power at the plate

Softball players need to have explosive movements and hitting power. We offer you the plyometric training that develops explosive sports specific movements for your softball game. Our plyometric training programs are a combination of speed and strength which creates hitting power.

As a supplemental aid to our hitting coach we teach young softball athletes to be “confident with any pitch”. You can prove to be a bigger offensive asset to your softball team. Improve your hitting skills and become unlimited in your hitting strengths, so you can be harder to get out. 

Remember that opposing pitchers and defenses love to take advantage of a batter’s weaknesses. You need to take command of the strike zone and make it an advantage in your favor with every plate appearance.

rpsportstraining makes sure that you command complete coverage and leave no holes in your softball swing with these tips from the softball pro. Not every pitch is going to be right down the middle.

Softball pitchers will try everything in their arsenal to beat you at the plate. High pitches. Low pitches. Breaking pitches. They will try and fool you into mishitting a ball or missing it completely. To counter their efforts, it’s important to be able to hit pitches in all parts of the strike zone.

We teach you the best exercises & drills to increase your throwing velocity

We build your softball game using power training methods designed for hitting, throwing, and pitching. Throwing velocity, hitting velocity, and pitching velocity will increase quickly.

Designing training programs to help you softball athletes develop more throwing velocity

Note: We believe for young softball athletes medicine ball training is safer than weight training. Adding medicine balls to your softball training program can improve your game in 5 ways.

Softball pitchers need a “specialized training program”

Pitchers can get tired and start to slip physically – Depending on the weather (heat, humidity, cold), where you are in your season, and the number of innings and/or games a pitcher has pitched previously, finishing out a 7 inning game can become a struggle. 

Coaches: If your pitcher is losing games because she’s not strong enough to finish, then she needs to get in better shape. Our softball fitness program makes it the easiest factor for a softball pitcher to control, and thus should never be a factor in the outcome of a game

We offer you the best Softball Nutrition and Hydration plans

Helping you develop the best sports nutrition plans for your game

rpsportstraining sports nutrition and hydration program designed for young softball athletes.You will have the best “online sports nutrition plans” available for young softball athletes in training.

You can assist in your daughter’s grow and development by strengthening her body the right way. She can maximize her workouts and softball training with our top of the line sports nutrition plans. Your sports nutritional plans are easy to use and come in pdf files.

We have the best softball recruiting program for college bound players

The NCAA states that there are over 1100 colleges fielding softball teams and only half offer any form of scholarships. This means the majority of girls will not receive athletic funding while playing in college. We can show you where the money is at to pay for college.

The college softball recruiting process can be a wild and crazy ride even for the most sought after athlete. The decision on what college is best for you and how your college expenses will be paid for can be overwhelming.

We get you prepared to be at your best against the best

Having a college recruiting expert who can start and guide you through the entire process can relive a lot of stress and anxiety. Download our college recruiting program to get started now!

What are “your measurements” versus top college bound athletes?

Softball testing and measurable are used to compare athletes

In fastpitch softball, OnDeck Measurements (ODM) is the recognized authority in objective measurables – comprehensive raw softball athletic data. Individual objective scores and the corresponding Allister Index (AI), have become the most important objective statistical measurements in player assessment, self-evaluation, and player development.

Note: We have the ODM testing and college bound programs to help you prepare. Contact us for more information on the ODM prep program for college bound athletes.

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