About Rance Palmer

Youth sports trainer Rance Palmer with one of his college baseball clients Isiah

Who is youth sports trainer Rance Palmer?

About Us Page will give you a preview on how certified youth sports fitness and skills trainer Rance Palmer got started, and how he has developed hundreds of athletes over his 15yr career. He started the summer of 2004 with a small group of kids ages 12-14yrs old.

Rance Palmer got started in the youth sports training by accident?

I donated $600 of my own money to help local kids in my neighborhood start a summer fitness program. Most kids were from low income families and needed some direction during the summer months in 2004.

My first summer training program was the hottest summer ever

The kids did great work in the scorching heat and stuck it out for 8 weeks. The $600 was used for sports equipment, sports hydration, and nutrition to keep them cool.

We finished the summer training by having competitions at the end of the summer. We went to a local junior college with a 400 meter track. They competed for fitness, monies, and prizes. Everyone had a great time including the parents.

The seed was planted for me to become a youth sports personal trainer?

Certified sports fitness trainer

At the end a few of the parents asked me if I would continue the training program. I had no idea of continuing the fitness training but I ran into one of my buddies who had a girls softball team.

Who were my first clients as a personal trainer?

My first clients were to start training his 14u girls softball team and I said yes. Then I got my youth sports training certifications and gained specific knowledge on how to train young athletes. rpsportstraining was created.

Rance Palmer has been in youth sports training business for many years?

rpsportstraining had been servicing parents and young athletes for over 15yrs. We have an excellent online youth sports training service to offer our new and existing clients. We hope you enjoy the online products and personal training services.

Volleyball client Kate Slack who now plays at Cal Poly University

Many of my young clients have earned college scholarships

Being in the sports training business for over 15 years, many of my clients have earned sports college scholarships. My sports training program and mentorship has helped athletes achieve their dreams and goals. I am very proud to be a part of their success

rpsportstraining offer you the best products and services for young athletes

Rance has been featured on TV channels for his opinion about training young athletes

For my personal training services you can contact me by the contact form. For the product catalog just click the links to your preferred youth sports activity. Many online products that included college recruiting plans, workout programs, sports nutrition, and sports injury programs.