The Recruitment Process


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The recruitment process and what you need to know

College is expensive. The recruitment process for many families is a challenge. The only way to afford a college education is for their student to receive financial aid. An athletic scholarship is a great way to help lower the price for qualified student-athletes. However, to take advantage of this opportunity, you must know all the facts. This article lays out the fundamental information you need to find your best athletic scholarship opportunity.

How can you get started on your college recruitment process?

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How do you get a full-ride scholarship?

The first thing to understand is that full scholarships are the exception and not the rule. If you play a headcount sport (football, men’s and women’s basketball, women’s tennis, volleyball or gymnastics) at the NCAA DI level, any scholarship offer you receive will be for a full-ride. Getting a full-ride outside of headcount sports requires some work.

Athletic Scholarships vs Academic Scholarships

For many student-athletes, the appeal of athletic scholarships is that they will offset some–or all–college costs. The truth is, more money is available through academic scholarships, and your best financial aid package would be to combine different offers.

Your downloadable college recruiting program includes

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  1. Your online recruiting programs
  2. How to do your college recruiting search?
  3. 6-things you need to know about athletic scholarships
  4. 5-things to find out about colleges
  5. Your top 10 target college list
  6. NCAA recruiting terms you need to know
  7. How to use social media to get recruited? 
  8. Your college A-list
  9. Get notices with your college recruiting letter
  10. How to choose your email address?
  11. How to communicate with college coaches? 
  12. Questions to ask college coaches before you commit? 
  13. How to speak with college coaches over the phone?
  14. How to write your college recruiting letters?
  15. NCAA recruiting information
  16. Request for academic information
  17. How to make your college recruiting profile?
  18. Tips for writing a college recruiting mission statement
  19. Which coach should you email first?


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