Rance takes great pride in developing young athletes and teaching life skills for his clients

One of the biggest things for me, is the impact on the youth level and allowing parents to say, ‘You know what? My children are being taught by someone who knows what they are doing.’ The coach has been certified. He knows how to teach the game, so the kids can play the game the right way – a safer way.” Rance Palmer, youth sports trainer

rpsportstraining certified personal trainer Rance Palmer offers his young clients the best in sports training. My youth sports programs are designed for boys & girls ages 10yrs old and above. For personal “one on one” training use my contact me page.

My youth sports training programs are affordable and discount packages are available. We usually meet once or twice a week depending our schedules. Homework assignments are given each week for the boys & girls to do on their own.

My primary mission is to help young athletes enjoy training and to accomplish their goals

Rance has the versatility to work with and develop young athletes with old and new sports training methodologies. His extensive sports background and knowledge have advanced teenagers fitness and skills to the collegiate levels. Many of his young male and female athletes have went on to enjoy successful college or pro careers in a variety of sports.

Rance Palmer has experience & expertise in training young athletes

Youth Sports training

Rance is trained to improve your sons or daughters speed, agility, quickness, and reaction times. He can teach them the benefits of strength and conditioning, power development, and sports skills to improve their game. Rance uses his experience to coach and train young athletes to maximize their potential.

Sports Nutrition and Hydration

Rance is also a Certified Youth Sports Nutritionist. His youth sports nutrition and hydration program with meal plans have helped boys and girls lose weight and body fat. Boys and girls have gained lean muscle loss body fat through our sound sports nutrition and hydration. His game meal plans have proven to improve sports performance.

Sports Injury and Prevention Care

Rance has learned how to prevent overuse injuries with injury prevention exercises. He uses exercises that will prevent overuse injuries which are the most common injuries for young athletes. Rance has learned how to treat some of the most common injuries by combining exercise & treatments. Make preventing and treating your injuries top priority.

College Placement Program for boys and girls

Join my college placement program for teenagers who want to take their athletic skills to the collegiate level. He will show you how the recruiting process really works with materials and counseling. Find out how you can fund your college costs and attend the school of your choice. Ask Rance Palmer for more information.

Learning the best training methods and principles to help my young athletes grow!

Training rates and packages start at:

$30 for half/hour

$50 for one hour

Group or Team Training rates

·             Discount rates offered with 5-10 1hr training packages

·             Contact rpsportstraining for package rates

Designing workout programs that progressively improve my young athletes in a short time

Online Training Programs are available for young athletes

Your online personal training and consultations will be done on Zoom

  • These are some of the best at home training products for boys and girls
  • You can also use the sports training programs at home, gym, and on your playing surface
  • Your sports training programs come in a downloadable pdf format
  • All of the online sports programs are easy to read and easy to understand
  • Most young athletes will be able to do these programs with minimum help from parents

The best online sports training center

We are part of the NEW facility. This is a baseball and softball training facility designed to help local athletes grow their game. This is a great facility for my baseball and softball athletes. However for my soccer, volleyball, and other youth sports they will have all the training tools necessary to improve their game and skills too.

4283 Duluth Avenue

Sacramento, California 95765

Rance Palmer

Certified Youth Sports fitness trainer

Call (916) 431-0858 for more information


From Auburn Area

Take Hwy 80 west to Hwy 65. Take Hwy 65 to Sunset. Go west on sunset. South on Cincinnati, west on Nichols, south on Duluth. Facility is 2 blocks on left.

From Sacramento Area

Take Hwy 80 east to Hwy 65 to sunset, go west on sunset, south on Cincinnati, west on Nichols, south on Duluth. Facility is 2 blocks on the left.

From Lincoln Area

Take Hwy 65 south to sunset, go west on sunset, south on Cincinnati, west on Nichols, south on Duluth. Facility is 2 blocks on the left.

Personal training services:

Contact certified youth sports trainer Rance Palmer for personal training rates and services. You can fill out the contact me form and he will contact you. You can also call him at (916) 431-0858 or email him at the link above. Expect a response within 24-48hrs.