Junior Golf Training

You can join my junior golf training program designed for boys and girls who are serious about their game

Junior golf training program

rpsportstraining junior golf training program will increase muscular strength and increase club head speed. Stats systems such as Shots to Hole have demonstrated that a golfer’s shot gets closer to the hole as his or her strength level increases. Put simply, getting stronger result in longer drives, closer shots and lower scores for the junior golf athlete.

Off-season and in-season workout programs for the junior golfer

It’s important to work out throughout the year. Your training regimen changes depending on if it is in-season or off-season.

  • Junior golfers off-season workouts tend to be longer and more intense. The idea is to help improve your capacity in preparation for the season.
  • Junior golfers in-season workouts focus on maintenance over making gains. Most of your in-season focus is on playing and practicing on the course.

You still have to spend your time maintaining what you’ve tried to build. Don’t overlook the importance of working out to improve your golf game. Making gains in the gym can help lead to improved play on the course.

Building young golfers on a strong foundation for success through fitness

Junior golfers need a strong foundation

Spending time at the driving range or practicing your putts are just the beginning of improving your golf game. To help lower your score, it can be equally important to develop your physical fitness.

Putting work in at the gym can have a major impact on your performance on the course. It can help improve the speed, power and control of your swing. Golf over the last few years has definitely become more of an athletic endeavor.

Our junior golf program builds you on a strong foundation and will lay the ground work for maximizing talent and lengthening careers. We have the best workout programs for junior golfer’s ages 12yrs and up.

Teaching junior golfers correct exercises that will help them improve on the golf course

rpsportstraining junior golfers flexibility programs

Flexibility is important in the golf swing to allow the golfer to achieve the correct technical positions to improve performance as well as reduce the risk of injury. Adequate flexibility will also allow the golfer to sequence their swing correctly to improve consistency and power.

Flexibility may be the single most important factor in making a successful golfer. What’s more, lack of flexibility also can limit your distance off the tee. A powerful swing is a byproduct of flexibility. Flexibility allows for full range of motion, which allows you to reach maximum potential in strength

rpsportstraining junior golfers swing speed and power training programs

Put all this together, and the faster a ball is traveling, the farther it’ll travel; all else equal. So, club head speed is an important factor to consider in your golf swing if you want to hit the ball farther, which most people do. Increase your club head speed and you’ll hit the golf ball farther.

Note: The average clubhead speed for many male, amateur golfers is between 80-90 mph. Leading LPGA players come in around 90-100 mph. Tour pros tend to have average golf swing speeds in the 110-115 mph range or even higher, and long drive competitors are all the way up in the 140s.

Teaching young golfers how to improve their flexibility

rpsportstraining junior golf skills training programs

Developing Confidence is perhaps the most important characteristic of an exceptional golfer. Not every shot will be perfect – in fact, few will be – but confidence in your ability will allow you to make the free, and correct swings that will undoubtedly help your score

A great posture and set up routine are an important part of hitting good drives. Proper ball position (forward in stance) and shoulder tilt (back away from the target most commonly), are fundamental in being able to drive the ball both straight but far.

Teaching young golfers how to use strength training to improve their game

The most important position in golf is impact. No matter how different each swing may be from golfer to golfer, it’s key to create a consistent position at impact.

A good golf swing has three parts: the backswing, impact position and follow through. To swing effectively, the proper spine angle must be maintained during these three positions.

Today’s elite golfers can hit the ball farther than ever before. They also can hit it farther off line than ever before, meaning the ability to see and then pull off recovery shots is at a significant premium unlike ever before

rpsportstraining teaches you exercises designed for junior golfers

Exercising can help improve the speed and power of your swing. You can also boost your stability. Having stability throughout your swing can help you keep your club on the proper path.

What happens at impact is that a lot of junior golfers aren’t stable enough and can’t stabilize the right areas of their body to keep that speed going all the way through impact. One way you can help improve your stability is by focusing on your core.

Golf requires strength in a number of muscle groups but, naturally, some areas might benefit from more attention. These can include your core and glutes.

Glutes play a major part in your golf swing. This muscle group is responsible for your power, stability and speed. Working your glutes can help you get more out of your performance with greater distance off contact and improved stability in your stance.

You can’t hit a golf ball far unless you’re connected to the ground. And the only way you do that is to have strong glutes. You can look at the guys and gals that hit the ball furthest right now on tour, they’re some of the strongest, most athletic golfers. And they know what they’re doing. They know how to use the ground properly.

Strength and conditioning programs designed for junior golfers

Being fit can also keep your golf game in good shape. Putting work in at the gym can help you add yards to your swing that can lead to lower scores.

rpsportstraining sports nutrition and hydration programs for junior golfers

rpsportstraining sports nutrition and hydration program designed for young golfers. You will have the best online sports nutrition plans available for young athletes in training. Help your son or daughter grow and develop their bodies the right way. Athletes can maximize their workouts and training with these top of the line sports nutrition plans. They are easy to use and come in pdf files.

Helping junior golfers create a nutrition and hydration plan designed for them

rpsportstraining injury prevention and care programs for junior golfers

rpsportstraining offers you a sports injury and prevention program to help young golfers. Sports injuries are not fun for parents or young athletes. You will have a sports injury and prevention program for your son or daughter. This is a beneficial program that you should add to your son or daughters training. Go download your sports injury and care program today!

The average cost of an inpatient visit was $6039. Sports injuries for Medicaid-insured youth cost $10.8 million for inpatient visits. The average cost of an ED visit for an injured youth from sport was $439. Sports injuries for Medicaid-insured youth cost $44.2 million for ED visits.

rpsportstraining junior golf college recruiting plan

rpsportstraining offers you the best college recruiting plans on the market. There are many online college web sites that will take your money knowing the odds are against you.

The online college recruiting plans show you how to do it yourself with very little out of money expense. No matter what sports you play you can use out recruiting plans to find the right fit for you. Go download your college recruiting program today!

Note: The standards needed in order to get recruited and play college sports are quite high. College golf recruiting is no exception. The elite college golf programs at the NCAA D1 level will want you to shoot low scores in order to be considered for a roster spot and even lower scores if you are looking for golf scholarship opportunities. We have the college golf recruiting program to help you find the right college program for you.

rpsportstraining online junior golf programs

rpsportstraining has the best online junior golf training program for you. You can do these workouts at home or at the gym. Your online golf training program will help you become a better golf athlete. Start today by clicking the link below for the online training program.