Junior Golf Training

Certified golf fitness and skills coach Rance Palmer supports junior golfers

Junior Golf training program for muscular strength & club head speed.

Our Junior golf training program will increase muscular strength and increase clubhead speed. Stats systems such as Shots to Hole have demonstrated that a golfer’s shot gets closer to the hole as his or her strength level increases. Put simply, getting stronger result in longer drives, closer shots and lower scores for the junior golf athlete.

Improving your total body strength for golf

Build your golf game on a strong foundation

Our junior golf workout program is designed for boys and girls 12yr and up who play competitive golf. Junior golfers should develop a strong foundation to support their golf game and swing.

Our junior golf program builds you on a strong foundation and will lay the ground work for maximizing talent and lengthening careers. We have the best golf workout programs for junior golfer’s ages 12yrs and up.

Developing a limber body through a series for stretches for junior golfers

Junior golfers should have a workout program that is designed to:

Flexibility training to maximize your width & improve your game
  • Hamstrings, lower and mid back, wrists and arms, trunk and pelvis region, oblique’s…..
Learn the rotational movements that mimic your golf swing
  • Upper and lower body rotations
Balance and stability exercises designed for junior golfers
Develop the balance needed for your stance and swing
  • Use balance boards, single foot drills, balance pillows, Bosu ball
Developing lower body strength through a series of exercises designed for golfers
Build your lower body strength for a strong foundation
  • Squats for maximizing lower body strength
  • Stability training for a strong core region
  • Calf raises for lower limbs
Creating more club head speed and rotational power for junior golfers
Upper body strength for swing speed and power
  • Promote push and pull action
  • Dumbbell bench presses, back pulls, lat pull downs, push-ups
Training tools for you to use and create a powerful & explosive golf swing
Power training to combine a powerful and explosive swing
  • Olympic lift and medicine balls and explosive movements and jumps
Speed workouts to work the fast twitch fibers and get the heart rate up
  • Sprints and running form
Use coordination drills and skills for hand-eye coordination
  • Dot drills, contact ball drills, putting blind drill, swing blind drill