Youth Sports Injuries

rpsportstraining offers you a sports injury and prevention program to help young athletes. Sports injuries are not fun for parents or young athletes. You will have a sports injury and prevention program for your son or daughter that is designed for young athletes. This is a beneficial program that you should add to your son or daughters training.

2021 is the best time to prevent and recover from sports injuries

Parents need to know how to take care of sports injuries

The cost of youth sports injuries for parents

The average cost of an inpatient visit was $6039. Sports injuries for Medicaid-insured youth cost $10.8 million for inpatient visits. The average cost of an ED visit for an injured youth from sport was $439. Sports injuries for Medicaid-insured youth cost $44.2 million for ED visits.

Parents spend thousands of dollars — often up front — for their sons and daughters to compete in high-level youth programs. An untimely injury can leave them with little return on their investment. Note: For a small cost you can invest in our sports injury program as an insurance policy for your son or daughter.

Did you know that youth sports injuries are on the rise?

The numbers of kids showing up in the doctor’s office with overuse injuries, such as tendonitis, is climbing dramatically, according to Boston Children’s Hospital. Nationally renowned orthopedic surgeon, Dr. James Andrews, said that he is seeing four times as many overuse injuries in youth sports than five years ago and more kids are having surgery for chronic sports injuries.

Youth sports injuries are an unfortunate, but inevitable part of any young athlete’s playing journey. Obviously, the severity ranges from out-for-one-game to out-for-the-season or even out-for-the-year. When an injury requires a longer recovery period, here are some ways you can help your child deal with the injury and the disappointment it brings.

The obvious first step is to get a definite diagnosis if your child is suffering through an injury that lingers and doesn’t seem to be healing. It will be better for you and for your athlete if you know exactly what you are dealing with. The uncertainties – When will it heal? Will they need surgery? – add to anxiety.

How you can avoid overuse injuries in youth sports?

Experts attribute this increase to the fact that more youth today are specializing in one sport at an early age and training year-round. All these sports injuries can be linked to overuse; doing too much, too often.

Gone are the days of switching to a new sport each season – the two or three-sport young athlete seems to be a things of the past as the competition, access and seasons expand to year-round.

We recommend that parents find “a health care professional who understands that there must be a plan for returning to play. If you heal and return to play without re-strengthening, you are at risk for re-injury.”

Why is specializing causing youth sports injuries?

This sports specialization seems to have come with a price. Playing a variety of different sports throughout the year was a form cross-training that was extremely beneficial to a young body’s physical development.

Playing multiple sports, at different times of the year gives some muscles a chance to rest while others are being worked. Now those same muscles and joints are used non-stop and have no recovery time.

What are the causes and effects of overtraining?

Training the same muscles year-round is believed to be the main cause of the rise in overuse injuries in young athletes. The repetitive stress can cause young bodies to break down. When you stress the same body parts over and over again, there’s a risk of injury.

Why should kids play a variety of sports & avoid specializing in one sport?

Young athletes need to vary their training just like pros do. All pros have an off-season where they change their training routine and rest more. They still specialize in one sport, but they adjust their seasonal training to allow complete recovery. No one can go 100 percent in a sport year-round without risking injury or reduced performance.

Why you need to learn how to manage sports injuries?

Many physician’s who treat these injured kids feel that the solution is education for parents and coaches, so that they can see the warning signs and pull kids off the field before injuries get serious. Learn how to treat your sports injuries & to prevent youth sports injuries with our products.

Helping young athletes with tools to help prevent injuries

This is a phrase that we told our kids—and ourselves—often. Obviously, an injury to an athlete is devastating, but it does not have to signal the end of sports as long as the doctor agrees. Your child will heal and get back into the game. And remember that trying to hurry this process is not a good idea. Let your child take the required time to heal and think long-term. One missed season out of many will not hinder their long-term success.

Online youth sports injury and treatment program.

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