Baseball Training

Baseball training for young athletes

Do you need a baseball strength training program that is designed for young athletes ages 10-18yrs old? You can build a strong foundation for young baseball players with your home workout programs. Baseball players should focus on a strength training programs designed for them.

You can have all the speed, agility, and quickness drills in the world but this will do little to enhance your baseball game, if you do not have the necessary strength to perform them correctly and effectively.  

Core training is a must for baseball athletes

Developing core strength for baseball athletes is a priority

Did you know that the abdominals, back muscles, gluteus, hips, and chest, shoulder muscles make up what we call the core area of the body? These areas must be well conditioned and strong for optimal performances.

Did you know that the action and strength of this core area contributes to over 50% of the force generated in throwing and hitting? The core area also stabilizes the trunk when running bases.

Baseball players need strong legs and hips

Develop leg strength that will help your become a better baseball player

Why do young baseball athletes need strong legs and hip areas? This is undoubtedly the most important area for any athlete involved in movement sports. Discover the exercises that help baseball players.

This area contains some of the largest muscles in the body, the hamstrings, glutes, quadriceps, and calves. Improving strength in these areas will improve your explosive speed and power for baseball.

Develop back strength that will help your prevent injuries and improve your game

Baseball need upper & lower back strength

How does the upper and lower back play key roles in baseball? Because they are involved in all throwing and swinging motions. Neglecting these areas will leave you weak and open to injury as a baseball athlete.

Teaching core exercises that help you become a better baseball player

Baseball players need strong abdominals

Why do young baseball players need strong abdominals? Since baseball involves rotational movements in the trunk and abdominal area, this area must have exceptional strength.

Exercises that are designed for baseball athletes who want to improve fast

Baseball players need a strong chest region

Why does the pectoral area plays an instrumental role in throwing and hitting? Because the chest region is needed for baseball players keeping good balance with the back for good upper body strength.

Baseball players need strong shoulders

Do you know your shoulders make up a very large and powerful muscle group that assists in almost all upper body movements? The deltoid and rhomboid muscles that make up the body of the shoulder area.

These are powerful, dense muscles seldom injured in baseball. However the smaller muscle groups in the rotator cuff area are more susceptible to injury.

Shoulder stability and strengthening programs designed for pitchers and throwers

4 small muscle groups that are important for young baseball athletes

Most young baseball athletes do not know the four small but very important muscles that make up the rotator cuff. These known as their tendons that are the subscapular, supraspinous, infraspinous, and teres minor.

This group is located on the rear of the scapula or shoulder blade. Neglecting these small muscle groups in strength training program would be detrimental to a baseball player.

Baseball players and the auxiliary muscles

Did you know the auxiliary muscles assist the larger muscles when performing movements? The auxiliary muscles we will train are the biceps, triceps, and forearms. The smaller muscle groups alone provide minimum power for the baseball player.

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